Rewarding Great Work in Home Service

You’re out there every day doing great things for your community, and we want to support and spotlight your work through our $150,000 grant program built to help launch, grow, and strengthen small home services businesses.

Applications for Boost 2021 are now closed. 


$150,000 grant program

We're awarding 30 grants across four categories totalling $150,000.

2 question application

Tell us a bit about your business and how this money would help you. Easy peasy.

Applications now closed. 

Stay tuned for 30 recipients to be announced in August 2021. 

For all you do, this $150,000 is for you

A little can go a long way in a home service business. From new equipment, to marketing dollars, to launching a new service, team training, and financial relief—your reasons for applying will be personal and unique to your business.

A grant program for every stage of business

Almost entrepreneurs, new business owners, and experienced owners, you're all invited to apply for one of 30 grants ranging from $1,000 to $20,000 based on which category your business qualifies for.

Almost Entrepreneurs


Almost-entrepreneurs who have the drive to start and run a home service business.

New Business Owners

0-3 years

Entrepreneurs in the early stages of building their team, client list, and services.

Experienced Business Owners

3+ years

Entrepreneurs ready to scale their mature business to the next growth stage.


Currently in business

Entrepreneurs who could use a boost to get back to their pre-COVID state.

Why you deserve a Boost

You keep our homes and
offices safe and running

You help hardworking people
build meaningful careers

You support the community
where you live and work

Applications for Boost 2021 are now closed.

Recipients will be announced in August 2021.

2021 Program Timeline

March 24 - June 23

Fill out an application. Tell us about your business and how you’d spend the money if you won.

June 30 - July 15

If selected, we want to understand your business plans, entrepreneurship style, and community impact.

July 15 - 28

Our judging panel will look at your online presence to get to know more about you and your top-notch service.

Early August

Selected applicants will share stories and answer questions from our Boost judging panel.

Late August

We’ll announce our 30 grant recipients and spotlight your story to share with our community of entrepreneurs.

“Typically when I see a grant I'm almost always assuming it's for a specific cohort and I wouldn’t qualify. Loans are very, very, very hard to get in the states. As far as going to a bank and getting $10k for your business, you're not going to get it.”

Royce Ard, My Amazing Maid

"The home improvement sector is missing something when it comes to funding. Home services isn't sexy like tech so it doesn’t get attention. It's very hard to get a grant as your average joe business.”

Steven Knight, Mosaic Home Services

"Even though I own a successful business (landscaping, cleaning, handyman, etc.) and it’s levelled up quite a bit—I don't think we're important enough to be offered grants. It’s awful for me to say, but that’s what I think. When I think 'grant' it feels more geared toward businesses higher up in the totem pole."

Mimi Carjaval, Nice Care Living

Frequently Asked Questions

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If I have questions, where do I go?
When and how will Boost recipients be contacted and announced? 
What if I didn’t get contacted on June 30th for an invite to the next phase?
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